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As part of the 1953 car line, the car line and body styles were carefully planned and designed to make production of the car as smooth and efficient as possible. The Cammer was built on a the same assembly line as the 1953 Cadillac. The company's MA factory used a completely new process that used standard methods of production, and the Cammer was developed on this method, allowing for an efficient and high production car. The Cammer was the first car made at the GM, Pontiac, and Olds, MA assembly plants, and was the first complete car line built for a domestic manufacturer.

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This very sophisticated gasket seals off each of the combustion chambers (cylinders) to prevent any leakage of cylinder combustion or coolant and motor oil that circulate (in separate passages) inside the engine block and cylinder head. A head gasket fails or blows when it begins to leak due to cracking, burning, melting or warping. These conditions are often caused by pre-ignition or detonation (pinging), overheating or by improper installation of the gasket or a warped cylinder head or engine block. Electrolysis can also destroy a gasket.

The 1983 Firebird was the second of a trilogy of cars produced by the Pontiac division of General Motors as a stop-gap between the long dormant Trans Am line and the full-scale re-entry of the Grand National, which debuted in 1980. When it debuted in 1982, the Firebird was a huge success, and gave Pontiac a potential for success where its family of muscle cars had failed miserably. Its successor, the Firebird Trans Am made a return in 1984, and the increasingly successful model lineup continued with the addition of the 400 horsepower Firebird Trans Am EL in 1986. The following year would see the end of the Firebird era, however, with the introduction of the 1990 model year Trans Am, which was to be the first and only Pontiac Trans Am (and henceforth would go by the name Firebird).


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