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Sap Gui Scripting Spy _HOT_

The Scripting API is available only in recent versions of the SAP Kernel. In kernel versions that support scripting, the option is disabled by default. In order to use VuGen, first make sure that the SAP servers support the Scripting API, and enable the API on both the server and clients. For more information and to download patches, see the SAP OSS note #480149.

sap gui scripting spy

A user with administrative permissions enables scripting by setting the sapgui/user_scripting profile parameter to TRUE on the application server. To enable scripting for all users, set this parameter on all application servers. To enable scripting for a specific group of users, only set the parameter on application servers with the desired access restrictions. The following steps describe how to change the profile parameter.

To allow VuGen to run scripts, you must also enable scripting on the SAP GUI client. You should also configure the client not to display certain messages, such as when a connection is established, or when a script is attached to the GUI process. The following steps describe how to configure the SAP GUI client to work with .

Examine the hierarchy of GUI scripting objects - optional The SAPGUI Spy utility, is part of the Additional components and applications. It examines the hierarchy of GUI Scripting objects, in open windows of SAPGUI Client for Windows.

Have user_scripting = TRUE, all the other SAP_GUI/user_scripting_xxx settings set to false.. Yet when UFT object spy tries to read ECC or CRM screen it returns an error "scripting is disabled on server..".

One beautiful thing about this site, as Clive has regularly commended, is the lack of scripting. Thats the major issue missed by everyone suggesting ways to censor, moderate, add voting, or otherwise complicate the comments section with additional code. This site MUST remain as elegant and as uncluttered as we presently enjoy. 041b061a72


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