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Media Player Best Buy Canada =LINK=

Who needs streaming and randomised playlists? Nothing can beat putting on a CD and listening to a great album from start to finish, and the best CD players allow you to enjoy that musical journey to the max.

media player best buy canada


So if you want to give your CD collection a fresh spin and are looking for the best disc player to buy, you're in luck. Every CD player on this list has been thoroughly tested by the team of experts at What Hi-Fi? in our dedicated listening rooms, so you can trust our buying advice.

More premium players will have better DAC chips and internal components, fewer errors and also support different optical disc formats (SACD alongside standard CD, CD-R, CD-RW, for instance). Some CD players even pack in wireless and streaming tech to turn your CD player into an all-in-one media hub, and include a USB port so you can play 24-bit high-resolution files. It's up to you whether you want the extra features (which can be more expensive) or stick with a solid disc-spinner that will do the job well.

The CD players below are a comprehensive list of those we consider the very best. The nearer the top it is, the more we like it, based on its performance per pound quality. But be in no doubt that all the models below are fine choices.

You don't have to use it as your main phone, if you don't want to. Just skip the SIM card and you'll have a highly mobile, compact camera and media player that'll take great photos morning, noon, and night.

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