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[S11E2] Puzzle With A Missing Piece

In the ICU, a nurse informs her on a coding patient, an elderly woman. Like it is with solving a puzzle, Maggie looks around to gather all the information, and then assess the problem. She steps in to perform CPR and eventually shocks Marjorie, successfully reviving her. Jeannie, Marjorie's daughter, thanks her.

[S11E2] Puzzle with a Missing Piece

The elevator doors open, revealing Meredith and Richard are on the elevator. Maggie passes, as she needs to go down. So does Meredith. Maggie meant down the stairs, for heart health and all. Richard, carrying a journal with a crossword puzzle, follows her.

In the stairwell, he tells Maggie that she can't avoid Meredith, as they both work here. Maggie says she'll work with Meredith when she has to. Richard thinks she's here for more than that, but Maggie would like to go back to before she opened her mouth about her personal life. She gives him an answer from the crossword puzzle that took her forever and walks off.

Hacker's secret plan to take over Cyberworld by using the electric eel's energy continues. The missing piece of the puzzle is the Prism of Penguia. Since Emperor Penguia can't remember where he hid the prism, everybody in Penguia has to shed tears until it is found. The Cybersquad & Fluff must face several obstacles, including a booby trap, to "angle" their way out so that nobody no longer has to shed tears. 041b061a72


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