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Fascinating Womanhood

Fascinating Womanhood has gained the attention of feminist writers, who largely regard the book as detrimental to women in various ways. In 1978, psychologist Martha L. Rogers wrote an article ("Fascinating Womanhood as a Regression in the Emotional Maturation of Women") positing the argument that women who follow the book's teachings were doing so out of a fear of being self-actualized individuals.[6] Juanne N. Clarke of Wilfrid Laurier University wrote that the movement used Rosabeth Moss Kanter's model of commitment mechanisms to analyze the techniques used to gain women's allegiance.[7] More recently, Pink Think: Becoming a Woman in Many Uneasy Lessons, by Lynn Peril, cited Fascinating Womanhood as part of a body of literature that seeks to promote "an idealized version of womanhood".[8][9] Finally, communications writer Julia Woods discusses the Fascinating Womanhood movement in Gendered Lives: Communication, Gender, and Culture.[10]

Fascinating Womanhood

"Womanhood is never fascinating for its own sake"--the last four paragraphs of this piece should be required reading throughout the world of Mormondom. Seriously. What a great piece! Thanks, Holly. Thanks, Bitch!

Have you practiced the art of fascinating womanhood? Have you strived to become an "angelic - human? Have you even read the book? I think maybe you shouldn't knock it till you try it. Ive lived it. Im grateful for my femine power. The power to do good, be a loving supportive mother. And someday a devoted wife. I think this article gravely misconstrued the purpose, meaning & beauty of this theory & frankly I dont know any men who can honestly say theyre happy being married to a bitch! Theres alot of unhappy, single, feminist, ball busting, anything u can do I can do better, lonely women out there crying, "why cant I find a good man"I see them every where in the single scene. I just want to shout "The good guys are afraid of bitches!"Bitches attract spineless assholes!I prefer to be fascinating. :)

3) Even after I left the Mormon Church that I so loved (because of doctrinal issues), Andelin's book and principles continued to affect me. For the first years of my marriage, I never let my husband see me in curlers or without makeup -- a fascinating woman would get up before her husband and do all that, so he would always see her at her best. (That strategy went out the window after the arrival of our first child, who had his own needs and didn't care if my hair was curled.)

When I was 14 years old my mother handed me The Fascinating Girl to read. I read it and while Andelin's reasons for becoming "fascinating" were outdated and stupid, when I tried some of her advice, son of a gun if it didn't turn the head of all those boys in class. Who knew a ribbon in your hair and laughing at their stupid jokes could work so well.If anything it empowered me to use the femininity I had in order to do what men have done for centuries- to get what I wanted from them. I never once felt the need to be submissive, I simply learned from the book that most men don't want a rottweiler for a girlfriend.As a married adult I read the Fascinating Womanhood. It had less use to me because I wasn't trying to attract the attention of men, I had it. While it never hurts to change out of sweatpants before your husband comes home, June Cleaver was a tv character and I am a real woman with kids, work and a husband that is my partner, not my boss.I am not a feminist. I admit that. I'm still a woman who lives a full, unapologetic life, sounding my barbaric yawp from the rooftops. I find the charater of Bella Swan to be laughable, she is so dimwitted and irritating. However, not all those who are not feminists are Bella Swannabees.Many of us who found good things in Andelin's books are strong, happy women who do not get from the book instruction to be submissive, but simply advice on how to attract the attention of men- when I was an akward teen, it helped a lot and I am glad the book existed. As an adult, I didn't find it to be of much value.Now, The Art of Homemaking-- even for a bread baking stay at home mom dinosaur like myself-- that book made me throw it against the wall and say bad words.

I met Helen Andelin 20 years ago after reading her book several times. I desperately tried to be "fascinating" for my husband. Guess what, won't work if your husband has Borderline Personality Disorder. No amount of being cute, sassy, dependent and childlike will make a guy with BPD change his ways. No amount of "fascination" will change the hardwire of a man's brain if he is damaged and disordered. I believed Helen when she said I could make my husband a "better person." I did everything she recommended for many, many years. It didn't work because although I was the best person I could possibly be, it didn't penetrate my husband's severe personality disorder. So---if you are married to a guy with Borderline Personality Disorder, Fascinating Womanhood won't work for you, even if you jump through hooks, bow and scrape, kiss his butt each day and do everything Helen tells you to do. The investment will be wasted and you will end up devastated. 041b061a72


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