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Best Way To Buy Jewelry

Nevertheless I hesitate to discourage you from asking for conflict-free diamonds, because there are indeed ethically motivated jewelers and diamond dealers who are doing their best to develop a market without blood diamonds.

best way to buy jewelry

Buying jewelry isn't always as easy as it may seem. It can be spontaneous, well-researched, or to commemorate a special occasion. The right piece of jewelry can make an anniversary or birthday so much more special. Of course, the holidays are when the jewelry buying goes into overdrive!

Those of us out there who really struggle with choosing jewelry that says "I love you," "happy anniversary," or "Merry Christmas" may need some help. There's just so much selection - from rings, earrings, necklaces, and even charms and pendants. Your jewelry purchase says a lot about you and the person you're giving it to.

The traditional luxury brands do not often discount their jewelry, which makes them poor choices for holiday gift-giving. Knowing when and where to buy jewelry can save you hundreds of dollars on gift-giving.

Sometimes our love for all things gold can overshadow exquisite pieces of silver jewelry. Gold can often overpower certain gemstones and make it hard to define certain cuts. Silver provides a stronger contrast to topaz, ruby, pearls, amber, marcasite, and many others.

A good jewelry gift idea is to get something that has the person's birthstone. Now, obviously, if you're looking at only ruby, sapphire, or emerald, you might be set back by the price. We recommend semi-precious stones for their uncommon and unique presence.

If you need help with buying jewelry, then it only makes sense to ask someone who makes their living making it. The best sources of unbiased advice would be smaller shops, online, or from a place you aren't buying from. Your buying decisions shouldn't be shaped by the same person selling to you.

If you're struggling to decide what type of jewelry your loved one may like, don't be afraid to ask a friend or family member. Taste is all subjective, so even though you might find a piece that is rare or expertly crafted, they may not see it. Just make sure you find someone who can hold a secret!

Have you purchased a piece of jewelry as a gift previously? Find something that complements or builds on that! Matching earrings or a bracelet for the necklace you gifted previously makes for a meaningful and practical addition. Most of the pieces sold by Roma have matching necklaces, bracelets, earrings and even pendants that make gift giving a snap!

You are in a way forced to budget your money to buy that special gift--no room for procrastinating. Eliminating a meal at a restaurant each month is not a big sacrifice when you finally get that amazing piece of jewelry in your hands.

Now that you have a good idea as to how to get that perfect jewelry gift, the search is on. Finding a reputable jewelry store that isn't trying to price gouge you is not as simple as driving to the mall. The best deals are found online, of course.

If you're not one for being sold or pressured into getting jewelry just because it is a "hot seller" then you should avoid malls. Take a look at these great selections that are on clearance right now.

If you love thin gold jewelry with a hint of flair, AMYO Jewelry is the brand to have on your radar. From duo-laced necklaces to linked chain bracelets, the sought-after accessory line will complement your chicest blazer and most flattering bodysuit.

Average price point: $12-$178 Return policy: 30-day returns, except for personalized and final sale jewelry Repairs: Evaluated on a case-by-case basis

This San Francisco-based design studio prides itself on transparency and sustainability. The range of engagement, wedding and everyday fine jewelry contains diamonds selected for their ethical and environmentally-responsible origin, so you can feel good about your purchase. In addition to offering lab-created and recycled diamonds, Brilliant Earth partners with suppliers who source natural diamonds from specific mine operations in countries committed to fair labor and trade standards.

Average price point: $28-$12,500 Return policy: $5 flat fee for 10-day returns Repairs: Free repairs for manufacturer defects on wedding and engagement jewelry; two-year warranty for Catbird and designer jewelry

New-York-based Agmes creates their lightweight sculptural designs in-house, in small batches, using metals which are nearly all recycled and worthy of heirloom pedigree. The brand maintains a minimal carbon footprint by even sourcing their packaging in New York. With an assortment of traditional jewelry offerings, such as bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and rings, as well as brooches and organically-shaped metal and glass objects, Agmes is a standout for affordable, sustainable and fairly-made pieces.

With its inaccessible prices, technical terminology, and nebulous production practices, the world of fine jewelry is intimidating to step into. For a generation that cares simultaneously about value, style, sustainability, and ethics, it can be challenging to find the best online jewelry stores that meet our criteria.

But with direct-to-consumer jewelry companies taking center stage, no middlemen or mark-ups mean that you can pay a palatable price that's closer to the true cost of making that beautiful gold necklace. Plus, high standards for sourcing and production quell any fears that your purchase sets other livelihoods or the environment back.

Noémie specializes in both timeless designs and custom pieces that feature conflict-free stones. While you can find classic tennis bracelets and playful diamond studs, we think its custom design option offers exceptional value, making it one of the best online jewelry stores for custom pieces. You simply describe your dream piece and budget, and the designers at Noémie pull together original designs for you to choose from. Our editor recently used the service to make a custom wedding band to fit around a tear-shaped engagement ring and loved being part of the design process. For truly one-of-a-kind pieces, Noémie is worth checking out.

If you've ever admired the sparkling diamond necklaces worn by celebs on the red carpet but felt like the look was entirely out of reach, then consider Dorsey. The online jewelry brand makes statement pieces that would fit right in at an awards show, yet because they're mostly made from lab-grown white sapphires and plated sterling silver, the prices average around $200-$500.

When earrings are all you're after, Studs has a wide assortment to create your perfect earscape, making it atop pick as one of the best online jewelry stores for delicate earrings. It's here you'll find hoops of all sizes, simple studs, and huggies with cute charms that range from cowboy boots to lava lamps. What they all have in common is a dainty size and aesthetic that makes them easy to layer on your lobes. (If you're looking for large statement earrings, your time is best spent elsewhere.) If you need another piercing to accommodate your new pieces, Studs can help you with that, too, at one of its physical locations. 14-karat gold plating keeps the prices low, with starting prices at $14 for a single earring. Read our full review of Studs.

For everyday pieces that still make a statement, Montserrat has a collection of both elegant and playful designs, from enameled fruit necklaces to bejeweled statement chokers. The vast majority of the pieces are under $200, but you'll find some larger statement pieces creep up over $500. Montserrat is the best online jewelry store for statement-making pieces that are still dainty enough to layer with other pieces you own.

Known for its delicate rings and transparent sourcing, Catbird is the epitome of cool jewelry. At Catbird you can find delicate $44 rings alongside sparkly $14,100 engagement rings. It's fully transparent about the source of its materials and donates 1% of all sales to non-profits including the ACLU and Planned Parenthood. In addition to jewelry that's crafted in-house, Catbird is home to other designers and beauty and home goods. Catbird is also famous for its "permanent bracelets," which you have to go into the store to have welded onto your wrist. While they do have brick-and-mortar locations in New York, we've found that it's more reliable as an online jewelry store because there are more options.

Toronto-based startup Mejuri, founded by a former art director and a former engineer and third-generation jeweler, drops new pieces every week of the year, and without fail, its largely female clientele return again and again to its 14-karat gold, gold vermeil, and sterling silver jewelry that's made for everyday wear. Mejuri's mission is to have women "embrace a daily dose of luxury." With plenty of under-$100 options, it makes fulfilling this mission very achievable. Read our editor's review of Mejuri's pearl hoops.

AUrate offers both minimal, everyday pieces as well as bold statement pieces, so you can create a well-rounded jewelry collection. Everything is crafted in New York City, which also means that NYC dwellers can enjoy same-day delivery of 14- and 18-karat gold, AAA pearls, and ethically sourced diamonds (the rest of the country gets free shipping). Read our full review of AUrate jewelry.

At the helm of the movement towards "ethical fast fashion" is Soko, a jewelry startup with an innovative, efficient, and empowering model that uses technology to connect with independent artisans in Africa. Soko's jewelry is guaranteed to attract attention, not only for its unique sourcing and manufacturing origins but also for its structural, powerful style. These hand-made pieces are produced from less conventional, but more affordable materials like brass. Read our full Soko review.

Ariel Gordon designs cute, delicate jewelry that is meant to be worn over and over again. This Los Angeles-based brand is a celebrity favorite and it's easy to see why. Launched out of her apartment while Gordon worked as a Hollywood publicist, the collection is made up of pieces designed to be worn over and over again, transitioning from occasion to occasion without losing quality and durability. Its charm pieces, which include animals and flowers, are truly sweet designs that'll brighten your day. 041b061a72


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