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Big Boss Set: Armchair, Table Sculpture At Le...

Upon entering, you are in a passage at the bottom of a flight of stairs. At the top is a small shelving unit holding a random warhammer, a random pair of gauntlets, and a potion of healing. To your left is a large opening into a large chamber with several pairs of pillars supporting the roof, and between these a sarcophagus containing the remains of Mikrul Gauldurson. He will arise as you approach along with several draugr thralls, which will be replaced by others from the twelve sarcophagi around the chamber as they are defeated. They are different from normal draugr in that they carry no weapons, and instead hold only a few septims each. Once you defeat Mikrul, any remaining draugr thrall will also perish, and any that hadn't yet risen will burst from their sarcophagi dead. Mikrul's corpse contains the Gauldur Blackblade, a Writ of Sealing, and a Gauldur Amulet Fragment (a quest item for Forbidden Legend). The first half of the large room is devoid of anything of interest. There is a single urn on the right among the sarcophagi, a burial urn at the rear on the right, and two flights of stairs at the rear blocked by spears. Both are lowered by using the ivory dragon claw in keyholes to either side. There is a cave-in behind spears on the left, and a burial urn and a large coin purse can be found among the rubble. The stairs on the right lead up into a room which may contain a dragon priest and two draugr. The room features a word wall which teaches part of the Frost Breath dragon shout. At the top of the stairs are two sets of shelves, one taller than the next. On the shelves are many ruined books and a couple coin purses (see bugs). A burial urn is partially buried in the rubble to the left of the shelves. In front of the word wall is a stone table holding an unlocked boss chest, a random one-handed weapon, gauntlets, and shield, a random potion of healing, and a random poison. An iron door at the rear of the room has a random greatsword in front on the right (see bugs). The door opens into a tunnel in the first zone, with a random potion of healing, magicka, or stamina beside a lit brazier partway along. At the top, a sarcophagus lid you must activate to open leads you to the junction by the bridge you previously lowered with the ivory dragon claw. You can jump down from here and retrace your steps to the entrance. Back in the first room, don't forget the concealed door that can be opened with the ivory dragon claw; behind the door is a small room containing an apprentice-locked chest.

Big Boss Set: armchair, table sculpture at Le...

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