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Carl Thomas-Lets Talk About It Full Album Zip

Carl Thomas-Lets Talk About It full album zip

Carl Thomas is a smooth R&B singer who rose to fame in the late 1990s as part of the Bad Boy Records roster. He is best known for his hit single "I Wish", which topped the Billboard R&B chart in 2000. In 2004, he released his second studio album, Let's Talk About It, which featured collaborations with LL Cool J, Mario Winans, and P. Diddy. The album was a departure from his debut, Emotional, as it showcased a more upbeat, slicker, and riskier sound. However, it also retained some of the intimate and personal elements that made Thomas a favorite among R&B fans.

Let's Talk About It consists of 16 tracks, including four interludes that are unfinished songs that give the album some depth. The album opens with the title track, which is a brief introduction to the themes and mood of the album. The next track, "Anything", is a catchy and upbeat song that expresses Thomas' willingness to do anything for his lover. "My First Love" is a nostalgic and romantic ballad that reminisces about the innocence and purity of first love. "She Is" is a duet with LL Cool J that praises the beauty and qualities of a woman. "Know It's Alright" is an interlude that features a cerebral love poem by Malik Yusef that ends with a Fantastic Four reference.

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"Make It Alright" is one of the highlights of the album, as it showcases Thomas' vocal range and emotion over a soulful and infectious beat. The song is about making up with a lover after a fight and promising to never hurt them again. "The Baby Maker" is another standout track, as it displays Thomas' naughty and clever side. The song is about thanking a woman for allowing him to be himself in the bedroom and expressing his desire to make a baby with her. "Dreamer" is a motivational and inspirational song that encourages people to pursue their dreams and not give up on them. "A Promise" is a song that tries to emulate Luther Vandross' style, but falls short due to the bland production and background vocals.

"But Me" is a song that features Mario Winans on the chorus and talks about how no one can love a woman like Thomas can. The song has a smooth and mellow vibe that suits Thomas' voice well. "All You've Given" is a song that expresses gratitude and appreciation for all the things that a woman has done for Thomas. The song has a gospel-like feel to it, as it features a choir and organ in the background. "All My Love" is another interlude that showcases Thomas' raw and unfiltered vocals over a simple piano melody. The song is about giving all his love to his partner and not holding anything back.

"Let Me Know" is another duet with LL Cool J that talks about wanting to know if a woman feels the same way as Thomas does. The song has a funky and groovy beat that makes it easy to dance to. "Rebound" is a heartbreaking and honest song that talks about being used as a rebound by someone who just got out of a relationship. The song has a minimalistic production that allows Thomas' voice to shine through. "That's What You Are" is the last interlude that features Thomas singing acapella over some vocal harmonies. The song is about complimenting a woman and telling her how special she is. "Work It Out" is the closing track of the album, which is about trying to work out the problems in a relationship and not giving up on love.

Let's Talk About It is an album that showcases Carl Thomas' versatility and personality as an R&B singer. The album has some flaws, such as some mediocre production and some unnecessary interjections by P. Diddy, but it also has some gems, such as "Make It Alright", "The Baby Maker", and "Rebound". The album is a solid follow-up to his debut, Emotional, and proves that Thomas is more than just a one-hit wonder.

If you are interested in listening to or downloading Let's Talk About It by Carl Thomas, you can find it on various online platforms, such as [Qobuz], [AllMusic], or [YouTube]. You can also buy the CD or vinyl version from your local music store or online retailers.


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