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TTS - 34 Text To Speech Voices - English Non-English Full 'LINK' Version

one thing you can adjust is the speed of speech. you can control the volume, too. finally, the voices have a range of accents and regional dialects. for example, the female voice has different accents for u.s. and canadian english.

TTS - 34 Text To Speech Voices - English Non-English Full Version

when youre done, you can save your settings, either as a file for later use, or you can also let watson assistant store it. if youre using watson assistant, the service is available in the functions list. enter tts and select text to speech. you can then select the name of your settings file.

simply choose a voice from the combo box. the program will convert your written text into speech and play it back to you. you can hear how it sounds at various speaking speeds, and even choose a new voice to try. you can also adjust the volume and pitch of the voice.

for more naturally sounding speech, research has shifted toward systems based on large databases of recorded speech fragments, and these engines now dominate the market. commonly known as concatenation unit selection tts, these engines select speech samples (units) based on the input text and concatenate them into phrases. usually, engines use two-stage processing closely resembling compilers: first, parse input into an internal list- or tree-like structure with phonetic transcription and additional metadata, and then synthesize sound based on this structure.

this tts provider sources voices from established services: amazons polly and microsoft tts. this allows it to offer better quality output in a stripped-down, browser-based service. within this tool, microsoft tts voices cover more than 30 languages, many overlapping the 16 offered by amazon. english-speakers can choose from 13 high-quality voices from each provider, for a total of 26 options. controls include volume, rate, and pitch. downloadable mp3s are available.


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