SF-DF .209 Grenade  Impact Device

SF-DF .209 Grenade Impact Device

ONLY BUY 1 TICKET PER TRANSACTION OR ADDITIONAL TICKETS WILL NOT ENTERED, YOU CAN MAKE UP TO 20 TRANSACTIONS PER COMPETITION.Torc Precision International - SF-DF .209 GrenadeThis Next Generation Impact Device SF-DF Training is an ergonomically designed low profile low output device for training use. The impact kinetic trigger allows the device to function on contact with virtually any surface. This gives the operator greater flexibility and safety when deploying the device at distance or close to the intended area that the effect is needed. This grenade is in use with Law Enforcement and Militaries. The SF-DF Training can be used in conjunction with an ACS Trigger Pouch (NICO Type) for fast safe one-handed deployment. SF-DF Training has a specific chamber that only accepts a .209 primer. The expansion area and venting apertures within the base allow for both the expansion of any gasses / pressure and venting. This thus lowers the pressure and heat to a safe level when the device initiates a loaded .209 primer.Check out this YouTube Video from Major Woods www.youtube.com/watch?v=GDBxUyEpi-w for details on how to use the Grenade and its features. Features:Five Point Safety SystemGeneration 2 ImpactReliable impact kinetic trigger System (Multi Surface Initiation)Trigger Pouch Compatible DesignCalibre, Proprietary .209 base systemReloadableCNC Machined from Stainless Steel and AluminiumUpgradable Modular DesignApplications for Device:Battle SimulationPublic Order TrainingTrip Mine Alarm System (When used with trip mine alarm kit)Dog TrainingCQB TrainingSF-DF Device (With Gen 2 Blue Lever)Operators ManualLoading ToolHex KeySafety Clip Draw will take place live on our FB page Brit tac Events using a randon number generator once all tickets are sold.Please esnure you have read the competition T&C's