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VanZ 100g Slow Jig
  • VanZ 100g Slow Jig

    VanZ Fishing!

    * 100g Slow Jig

    * Blue Mackerel

    * Pink Mackerel

    * Pink Fade

    * Blue Fade

    * Brand-new jig

    * Exquisitely finished

    * Super robust gloss finish

    * Razor sharp assist hooks

    * 4 UK specific colours available

    * Fantastic toppling motion

    This Slow Jig lure has been extensively tested from wreck to reef and all in between, and it has been responsible for many a sizeable catch!

    However, it is the lure's tantalising tumble as it drops defiantly through the depths that has repeatedly proven to be the downfall of many fish. The distinctive and seductive movement has proven irresistible when fished in traditional sink and draw fashion.

    The lures comes pre equipped with a single assist hook, and an additional double assist hook is included to fit as you prefer

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