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Sun, 26 Feb



26TH FEB- OP:AZURE PT2 @ BRAVO WHISKEY ONE (Brit Tac Woodland) ONLY £20 for Feb event!

Special Forces anti-narcotic operations in Bogota. This will be a Feb Special priced @ £20 walk on, we DO NOT OFFER HIRE PACKAGES.

Tickets are not on sale
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26TH FEB- OP:AZURE PT2 @ BRAVO WHISKEY ONE (Brit Tac Woodland)  ONLY £20 for Feb event!
26TH FEB- OP:AZURE PT2 @ BRAVO WHISKEY ONE (Brit Tac Woodland)  ONLY £20 for Feb event!

Time & Location

26 Feb 2023, 08:45 – 16:00

Bawtry, Bawtry Forest, Great N Rd, Bawtry, Doncaster DN10 6DG, UK

About the Event

BRAVO WHISKEY 1 (Brit Tac Woodland 1)

Back Story Days

These are objective based days, centred around a fictional or factual event, but we have relaxed the Ammo restrictions and camo restrictions so they can be accessible to all, however you must adhere to the below:

If you just want to kick doors or run around shooting people this is not the event for you please don’t book on as you will be asked to leave the event with out refund.

If you want interaction, can read/understand verbal instruction, can follow a command structure, want to achieve your objectives and don’t feel the need to chase every bit of bb fire like 5 year old playing football then feel free to read and understand the rules and book on 🙂

CONDUCT: We operate a zero-tolerance policy to poor conduct! We will not tolerate cheats! We will not tolerate cheat calling or abusive behaviour towards anybody! (tell a marshal that is what they are there for!) We will not tolerate blind firing! The marshals word is final and arguing will not be tolerated!

3 strikes and your out!1st time you will be warned 2nd time you will leave the game (for at least 30 mins)3rd time you will leave the event and be banned from any future events with Brit Tac (this includes weekend events and our home site games) IF YOU HAVE ANY PROBLEMS INFORM A MARSHAL IMMEDIATELY, NOT HOURS LATER WHEN NOTHING CAN BE DONE!

HITS: When Hit, a player must leave the playing area as quickly as possible with one hand raised in the air above their head whilst continuously calling “dead man walking”. A hit is classed as a direct strike from a BB on any part of the player and their equipment including the weapon in hand. Dead men can not talk and will be deemed as poor conduct

FIRE MODE/FPS LIMITS: AEGs/GBB Rifle/Pistol /HPA = maximum 350 FPS with .2g BBs. with a max rate of fire 16 RPS

Single shot bolt action sniper = maximum 500 FPS with .2g BBS (30 Meter minimum engagement rule) All weapons will be chronographed before commencement of play with 0.20g bb’s and random chronographing will take place throughout the event. Please ensure your weapons is within the limits as any weapon found to be over the FPS limit must be placed back in the player’s vehicle or left in the event office until the end of the event. No exceptions will be made. Any player found trying to cheat the chrono will be immediately removed from the event.

DMR: Max FPS of 450 on .2g bb (or its equivalent in joules),Must be locked to semi (no adjustable mosfets),30m minimum engagement rule applies No DMR use inside buildings (must switch to pistol),Must be a recognised DMR and have optics fitted (not just a hot MP5k!)

SINGLE SHOT ONLY INSIDE BUILDINGS: You may fire full auto in too/out of a building but must switch to semi once you are in a building or within 2M of an entrance, window or opening.

AMMO LIMITS: No loose ammunition is to be carried –all ammo must be carried in magazines, however loose ammunition can be stored at your team’s regeneration point and you can replenish your ammo as and when required throughout the day at regen.

MEDIC RULES: Any medic rules in play will be explained at the event game brief.

BANG RULE: We do not enforce the BANG rule, but you may use it at your discretion, we do however expect common sense at close ranges!

PYRO: ALL PYRO MUST BE APPROVED BY US BEFORE USE. Please be aware our own effect pyro is far more powerful and ear plugs are advised, Buildings. Any player in a room is dead unless behind hard cover. Hard cover is classed as a physical barrier between the player and line of sight of the grenade i.e a wall, not hiding behind the player in front of you! Never try to return a deployed pyro! Smoke 

our recommended supplier is Bulk Pyro Supplies (who will be attedning at our events)

SMOKE: Smoke is for screening purposes only and does not have any other in game effect. Military smokes are allowed outside of buildings. No military smokes inside buildings.

GAME EFFECT PYRO: Any other pyro which has any in game effects will be used and controlled by a marshal, the marshal will inform the players effected and to what extent.

BOOKING: All part payments are non-refundable, unless we cancel/change the event dates.

To book your place: Total cost for the day is £20 a £5 non-refundable/non-transferable part payment is payable via the website events area @ Arrival on site Sunday 08.45 am, Game on Sunday 10.00-16.00

WAIVER: online waiver for the event

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