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Upcoming Events

  • 26TH FEB- OP:AZURE PT2 @ BRAVO WHISKEY ONE (Brit Tac Woodland)  ONLY £20 for Feb event!
    26 Feb, 08:45 – 16:00
    Bawtry, Bawtry Forest, Great N Rd, Bawtry, Doncaster DN10 6DG, UK
    Special Forces anti-narcotic operations in Bogota. This will be a Feb Special priced @ £20 walk on, we DO NOT OFFER HIRE PACKAGES.
  • OP: Poseidon’s Wrath 24hr Mission Sim (weekend event)
    Membership Offer
    12 May, 18:00 – 14 May, 11:00
    Humber Airsoft Club, Leggotts Quarry, Barton Road A1077, South Ferriby Cliff, Barton-upon-Humber DN18 6RA, UK
    OP:Poseidon’s Wrath 10th May 2009: British journalist Steven Pharnell and his Afghan interpreter are snatched of the street in Kunduz, and sold to the local Taliban. Unknown to the Taliban is that Pharnell is a high ranking MI6 officer, the British government can not afford for him to be lost.
    Membership Offer
    18 Aug, 18:00 – 20 Aug, 11:00
    Longmoor, Longmoor Training Camp, Longmoor, Liss GU33 6EL, UK
    OP:Black Swan The war on drugs is failing, and the turf wars between cartels is spilling out on to the streets of every major US city, the government has tasked the CIA to deal with the problem via any means.
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